only person in the country to win  $2 million Powerball prize

Iowan became the only Powerball winner to take home a $2 million prize when her easy-pick ticket came just one number away from the near-record $725 million jackpot. 

Megan Balmer purchased her easy-pick lottery ticket Monday night at a local Casey's near her home in Garwin

just before the sale cut-off time with her boyfriend, Mike Ellis. When they checked the numbers an hour later at home, they could hardly believe it. 

she said while picking up her prize in Clive with Ellis.

We couldn’t believe that something like that would happen to us. It’s not something that happens − ever− to us. We don’t ever have luck like that

She said she plans to use her winnings to pay off her mortgage and her student loan and credit card debt. 

That’s huge. That’s such a relief to be able to say that I did those things," she said 

And I’ll save some for retirement and my kids for their college,” she added. “That’s right around the corner, I’ll blink and it will be there